This video was made in 2010 with a hand me down VX 2000 from Satori Owner Craig Njedly. I had just moved back to San Francisco and had landed a job as a team manager for Satori Wheels and Creation Skateboards. It was the first job where I was free to wake up and do whatever the fuck I wanted since the warehouse for the company was no longer located in San Francisco.

I had no idea what to do with my time so I just focused on skateboarding. This was a great time for SF skating as it was still possible for groups of skaters to find affordable housing in the city. Nowadays you gotta really have a solid stack of cash or steady income to relocate here.

This video was made on a super low budget. 70% of my paycheck was going to rent and the rest was going towards bananas, burritos, peanut butter sandwiches, and bus passes. I did get some help from the government by getting an EBT card, aka food stamps.

Making a video is always one hell of a process. San Francisco has always had a pretty motivated skate scene and with my freedom I was able to just go with the flow of life. There were no obligations or pickiness about spots. Somehow a crew would form and we would just roam through the city until other obligations came up.

One person who really stood out in this video was Garret Daly. He went through a handful of jobs, injuries, shitty landlord situations, and the death of a super close friend during the filming of the video. Any spot we went to, he would get a trick. After the video was done he disappeared for a bit. No one knew where he was. Turns out he spent 4 or 5 days camped out on the beach with his cell phone off.

If there’s one thing I learned from spending so much time on a video was that it’s not really about the tricks. It’s about the moments between the tricks. Getting to and from the spot. The tricks are cool but the down time appreciating the city made it all worth while.