I recently watched Don Nguyen smash down an insane section of Baxter Street in Los Angeles. While reading a discussion on Slap, I decided to do some research.

The Huff Post article Neckface was checking out does list Baxter at 32% gradient. According to LA Mag, that gradient is found on Baxter between Allessandro St. and Alvarado St.

Nuge bombed a different route on Baxter from Alvarado St. to Lakeshore Avenue. Let’s compare the two routes.

On the left is the route Nuge took, on the right is the route to Alvarado

On the left is Nuge’s route to Lakeshore, on the right to Allessandro

Left looking up from Lake shore, Right looking up from Allesandro

Left: looking up from Lake shore. Right: looking up from Allessandro

The route to Lakeshore flattens out much earlier than the route to Alvarado

The route to Lakeshore mellows out a tad. Allesandro stays steep until the end.


If you skate down to Allesandro you will encounter a busy three way intersection with a lack of a safe roll out. You’d be cheating death.

If you re-watch the video it takes Nuge around 10 seconds to go 390 feet. 390 / 10 gives you an average of 39 feet per second.

Buckfitchesmetgoney at Slap calculated Nuge was going around 53mph.

If you are looking for some more gnarly hill footy, this clip has you covered.