Frame Grabs

Skating solo is one of those activities that happens out of necessity. When the crew is at work, traveling, or just unable to roll around, pushing around on your own turns into the only option.


The spot dreams are made of. I skated here years ago with Garret Daly when the ground was covered by that safety rubber that kids can fall on. One day I cut out of bombing Lawton early and Chris Galasti was outside his house. He told me they had ripped the ground up at this school near Stern Grove and it looked skatable. SF stoke.


There is actually another spot here I want to build some stuff at. The only problem is it’s a couple miles from the closest parking. Nollie into an old fort of some sort in Pacifica.


Some friends were originally going to meet me in Berlin so I decided to stop in Amsterdam first. Switch Hippie Hop as the world floats by.


These mini jersey barriers in Amsterdam were perfect for wallies. Much easier than their full-sized counterparts.


Randomly stumbled upon this park next to the hostel I was staying at. Generator Hostel in Amsterdam is a nice place to crash next to a nature park. Highly recommended.


My preferred method of spot hunting involves aimlessly wandering towards green spots on Google Maps. Occasionally things like this cross your path. Somewhere in Amsterdam.


Weird play structures designed for kids are usually really good for skating. This thing was only a few inches wider than a board, but it was worth the trouble. It is also right next to Generator Hostel.


Another random skatepark in Amsterdam I didn’t know existed until it showed up on the horizon.


My Eurail train pass gave me 5 days of traveling so I took one day and headed to Belgium. Brussels was a nice change of pace from Amsterdam, mainly for the fact that there were hills in the city.


Paris was hot and crowded. It took a lot of effort to skate through the city.


Escaped the heart of Paris and took a train and bus to this spot. Reminded me of a “A Clockwork Orange” for some reason. Definitely a great design.


Spotted this thing the first night I got to Berlin. Went back the next day and broke my board after refilming this.


When this ramp showed up on a skate spots┬ámap of Berlin it immediately became the next day’s destination.


This is an old US Spy station built on the remains of a Nazi college. It used to be abandoned, but now a group runs it and they charge 7 Euro to go and explore. I was stoked they didn’t make me leave my board at the entry.


A lil grind at the spy station known as Teufelsberg. Some guys were working on a mural around the corner.


At the highest point of Teufelsberg you enter this room. It’s an echo chamber. A lady asked me to skate inside of it and the sound of the pop was insane.