We all know there is something special about one of the world’s most famous cities. If you crave an endless assortment of skateable terrain, New York City is a place you just might want to become embedded in.

German Nieves – NBS

With nearly 8.5 million people and over 300 square miles to explore, you are sure to get into something worth remembering.

Chris Head - Steep Nollie

Chris Head – Steep Nollie

Most of the city is flat. Pushing until your body no longer has the physical capacity to go any further is a possibility. Skitching is also incredibly easy to pull off and will become more tempting over time.


Unknown – Crook Pop Over

There’s an energy in the streets that everyone attempts to feast off of. During the summer the skateboard community organizes demos, pop up parks, shows, and contests.


Ishod – Alley Oop 270

Alex Olson - FS Flip

Alex Olson – FS Flip

Public parks and spaces are abundant. The majority of them are bust free, skateable, and usually have bathrooms / water fountains. Load up Google maps and look for the green blobs.


David Nelson-Hospers – FSBS

Garret Daly - BS Lipslide

Garret Daly – BS Lipslide

The parks department has been on a skatepark construction kick this past decade. It’s worth checking them out and visiting all of the five boroughs.

Mike Crowley - Front Shoves

Mike Crowley – Front Shoves

Dimitri Stanford - Fakie Ollie

Dimitri Stanford – Fakie Ollie

Bobby Puleo once said something along the lines of: “I never take the same route twice.” Repeating that every so often will keep your skateboarding interesting.

Chris Head - Noseblunt Slide

Chris Head – Noseblunt Slide

Michael Echeverry - Boneless

Michael Echeverry – Boneless


Robert Minichan – Rack bash

Skating from sunset to sunrise is a must if you want to experience the city in a whole different light or lack thereof. The hours of true zen are from 3-5am. The majority of humans are asleep. You, your crew, and the rats are able to feast upon humanities’ neglected possessions with little interference.

Mike and Homie

Mike Crowley and Homie

Gavin Nolan - Kickflip

Gavin Nolan – Kickflip

Eric Hunt - Wallie

Eric Hunt – Wallie

Soft wheels can make your commute to and from each spot more enjoyable. If you look at the next two pictures closely you will notice a combination of hard and soft wheels. Hard for the grind / slide tip of the board and soft for the extra bit of push.

TKP - Nosegrind - Photo: Clark H

TKP – Nosegrind – Photo: Clark H

Chris Head - BSTS

Chris Head – BSTS

If you get the chance to visit NYC or live there go for it. All of these photos were taken in the summertime of 2013, 2014 and 2015.