There is one thing missing from all of these photos, the journey in between.

There aren’t many cities where it’s normal to repeatedly hike up hills to the point of exhaustion, and then put it all on the line while screaming down some of steepest streets the world has to offer.

Ben Paulsrud - Wallie off the nose - Outer Richmond

Benjamin Paulsrud – Wallie off the nose – Outer Richmond

After taking taking a hit of the San Francisco skate routine and diving headfirst into the rabbit hole, the essence of thrill seeking becomes apart of future missions.

Tony Manfre - Kickflip to Fakie - 2015

Tony Manfre – Kickflip to Fakie – Tenderloin

Sitting at a skate spot for hours to work on one trick becomes passé.

The spontaneity of pushing as fast as possible through a city while hitting everything along the way, those are the vibes one becomes accustomed to.

Steve Dombroski - Blunt Revert - 2013

Steve Dombroski – Blunt Revert – GGP

Going to a safe public skateboard park will cure the fix from time to time, but the allure of the hills will always reign supreme.

Wes Bell - Wallride - 2014

Wes Bell – Wallride

The terrain’s elevation changes will have adrenaline junkies licking at their chops.

Time is best spent outside of a car. Hiking and pushing allows the hidden gems to be discovered.


Desmond Billie – Kickflip

Rest is essential, but if there are no obligations, public transportation should be used as a last resort.

Zac Curran - Front Crooks

Zac Curran – Front Crooks

It may sound crazy, skating miles to get tricks, but it works.

Michael Echeverry - Front Blunt

Michael Echeverry – Frontside Bluntslide

Physical and mental boundaries will be tested.  Complaining becomes illogical and the focus on skating everything encountered becomes a priority.

Josh Love - Kickflip

Josh Love – Kickflip to fakie

Speed control and double checking intersections is essential to survival. Death lurks on these hills. The limits can only be pushed so far until they push back.

Garret Daly - One Footer

Garret Daly – One Footer

Opposition to these activities is to be expected. The secret to grooving is to stay cool and keep it moving.


Noah McManus - 5050

Noah McManus – 5050