The ear hears what it wants to hear. Dissecting the sounds of the streets one wavelength at a time. Most of us got into the act of skateboarding because of the unique energy produced. There were no coaches telling us what to do. No uniforms, no rules, and no hesitations about getting called out for doing something wrong. Can you imagine a referee in a skate session? Blowing whistles when flip tricks weren’t done properly. Oh wait, that exists.

Skateboarding has blown the fuck up. There are so many variations of it. You’ve got your street vets, super athletes, beginners, kooks, nerds, artists, models, wizards, gnarlers, lifers, park rats and the list goes on. Teams exist. Cliques exist.

The older generation of non skaters love to ask the question: “Do you compete?”

Competitions have always been around but for the majority competition and skateboarding are like water and oil. They just don’t mix. Perhaps we are all in a self competition with ourselves to not fall down.

The path of non financial success. Very few people get paid to skate. Very few people get paid well enough to only skate. Money can’t make you good. Dedication can.

The learning curve is steep. You can’t fake the funk. You can’t order kickflips on Amazon. You’ve gotta get out there and try.

To those of you who still push through the streets for the absolute joy of doing it and nothing else, keep on with the keep on. No competition, no trophies, just pure bliss and endless stoke.